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VR Development

Unity, WebVr, UE4 all that clever stuff, we do it..


It's a brave new world and users need help in understanding it

360 Video

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Mixed Reality

Showcase virtual worlds to the real world

We have worked with partners such as Google, SYFY Channel, Mattel, E! and many more.


Swerve VR is the world's first Twitter client in VR, allowing users to fly through a landscape generated from their tweets and timeline. Created for Google Cardboard, Swerve was featured by Engadget, Wired and VRFocus.


Dreamhorse is a Tamagotchi / Virtual Pet game for Google Cardboard set in a magical forest, where the players get to look after and care for their very own Dream Horse. The game consists of 4 mini games, featuring feeding, cleaning, running and jumping and also a design section where the players can change how their Dream Horse looks. Dream Horse was featured by Kotaku, VRFocus and UploadVR on launch.

Viewmaster : Destinations

The relaunch of the iconic toy Viewmaster as a virtual reality displa for kids was a collaboration between Google and Mattel. Fourthwall were charged with engineering the core UI / UX across the launch titles and creating one of the content experiences, "Destinations", which took the users to famous world heritage sites using beautiful 360 imagery.

Surfy Wave VR

Surfy Wave is an arcade action game, featuring a bunch of misfit 3D characters all trying to surf as far as possible through a world of obstacles and perils. The android version of Surfy Wave features a Mine-Craft esque VR mode that places the uers right on the surf board! Surfy Wave was featured on Pocket Games, VRFocus and was also front paged by Apple in over 100 countries on launch!.